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M. Schumann, U. Oberlack, and P. Shagin (Rice) and the XENON100 TPC The XENON100 detector assembly in the cleanroom The Top PMT array with 99 1"x1" PMTs after assembly A. Kish (Zurich) working on the XENON100 TPC K.E. Lim (Columbia) with the bottom PMT array (80 PMTs)
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R. Santorelli (Zurich), G. Plante (Columbia), S. Fattori (LNGS), and E. Tziaferi (Zurich) Detail of the bottom veto PMTs on the fully assembled TPC Relaxing on a Sunday trip to the wonderful Italian countryside XENON100 people moving the detector underground Lowering the XENON100 detector into the cryostat (February 2008)
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E. Brown (UCLA) and G. Plante (Columbia) working on the top PMT array A. Ferella (Zurich) fills the nitrogen dewar for the low level counting facility Members of XENON100 on a July 4th party in Paganica The bottom PMT array when the TPC is removed M. Schumann (Rice), E. Aprile, G. Plante (Columbia) after closing the cryostat
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U. Oberlack (Rice) solving a problem. 2nd XENON100 collaboration meeting at LNGS, April 2008. H. Wang, K. Arisaka (UCLA), and K. Giboni (Columbia) M. Schumann (Rice) in the cleanroom (July 2008) Group picture of the 3rd XENON100/ XENON1T group meeting (July 2008)
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XENON100 dinner, celebrating a birthday The XENON100 data acquisition system installed underground K.E. Lim (Columbia), U. Oberlack, M. Schumann (Rice), E. Brown (UCLA) underground M. Schumann and Y. Mei (Rice) in the cleanroom with the TPC Hiking in the Gran Sasso National Park

Pictures courtesy of several XENON100 members. Thank you!

updated: 09/16/2008 by Marc Schumann